Publication Guidelines
Tsuda Journal of Policy Studies, from the Research Institute for Policy Studies at Tsuda University, publishes original work detailing the outcome of policy related research.

If you are interested in contributing to our journal, please check the summary of our guidelines below and send a message, via the enquiry form below, saying that you are interested in submitting a manuscript. We will send you our “Instructions for Authors” and a “Submission Form”, in return.
Summary of the guidelines for submissions:
Tsuda Journal of Policy Studies (TJPS) is an Open Access journal and publishes periodically. TJPS was established for researchers to disseminate research output related to policy studies and its editorial committee reviews manuscripts submitted, except for Research Articles.
Types of manuscripts to be published in TJPS are Research Articles (peer-reviewed), Research Notes, Activity Reports, and Letters. Research Articles will be reviewed by internal and external researchers with the same field of concentration. The identities of authors are concealed from the reviewers in the review process.
Manuscripts should be written either in English or in Japanese.
Those who are eligible to contribute to TJPS are professors, either full-time or part-time, researchers, graduate students at Tsuda University or professors and researchers at other universities who can provide a referral by professors at Tsuda University.
Manuscripts prepared by undergraduate students will be reviewed if their supervisor is a co-author and manuscripts are submitted by the supervisor. However, where the first author is an undergraduate student, we will consider publishing the manuscripts solely as Activity Reports.
The decision on acceptance of manuscripts for publication will be made by the editorial committee of the TJPS. However, depending on the topics of research, external researchers may join the review process and their comments will be considered.
Citations and references should follow APA style.
Copyright (for publication and the rights to distribute) of published materials will be transferred from the authors to the editorial committee of TJPS upon acceptance. If authors wish to publish their materials somewhere other than TJPS, they need to obtain permission from the editorial committee of TJPS beforehand.
2023-2024 Editorial Committee Members of TJPS:
Professor Miwa Nakajo(Chief Editor), Professor Takayuki Sasaki, Professor Naoko Shinkai, and Professor Takahisa Suzuki (※in alphabetical order)
Our institute welcomes your submissions.
Pre-submission Inquiry: